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The vehicles offered for sale on this page are for sale by owner. They are privately owned we are not a dealer. We can help ship both nationally and internationally. Please feel free to request a quote for shipping anywhere in the continental U.S. and Canada, or internationally. We are located near to the port of Seattle WA which allows us to ship internationally without the added cost of inland freight. Additional pictures are available upon request. For export orders we can deliver to the port of Seattle for a modest fee. 


Praise The Lowered!  

1963 Ford F100 Unibody Short Bed

          Super Custom Chassis



This unique truck says custom all the way. An impressive example of first class engineering and fabrication work! It has been set up with all GM running gear starting with a big block 454, 700-R4 automatic transmission, Camaro front suspension and a Corvette independent rear suspension. It has 4 wheel disc brakes, a good tailgate, and hood which have been stored separately. Moreover, the frame has been notched with suspension set up to bag. VERY COOL! What a great patina! 


The engine is a mock-up motor so it doesn't run but the 700R4 tranny and Corvette IRS are sound. It is being offered for $9,750.00, which is a steal considering there is already $20,000 alone in custom fabrication work already done to it!


   1962 Ford F-100 Shortbed Unibody 



Another trip to Vegas; another Ford unibody shortbed truck from the desert! This is a well preserved desert truck!. Again - Casinos had nothing to do with it - honest! This truck spent its entire life in the dry desert environment so while some light surface rust is evident it is solid in the typical problem areas these trucks have. 


This hard to find shortbed truck came with the six cylinder, three on the tree transmission, which is stored indoors with the truck so it can be restored stock, or resto-modified if desired. Not in running condition, engine is out of it, but the transmission remains. It is offered for sale as is for $3,500. Or restore it to your specifications. Praise The Lowered!

1961 Mercury M-100 Shortbed Unibody 



Fantastic find! We went all the way to Kelowna BC Canada for this ultra rare M-100 shortbed unibody and hauled it back to our restoration shop here in Arlington WA. This is a good solid restorable truck considering most Canadian vehicles are rust-buckets. This one came stock from the factory with six cylinder engine and three-on-the-tree transmission. 


It has all the key parts required for a complete stock restoration, but is missing the letters that spell MERCURY on the grill, other than that it is complete including the tailgate. It would make a great hotrod but being the Mercury lovers we are, we would prefer to see it restored stock. This ULTRA RARE truck for sale at $5,750 as is, or it can be built to your specifications.

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